Yoga is both philosophy and exercise.

It is a discipline that encompasses the development of a healthy body, quiet mind and expanded spirit.

Get centered, breathe deeply and restore your energy and health.

Yoga is the oldest therapeutic exercise system known to humankind.

The practice of postures with their physical stretching and strengthening open the body and even out energetic blockages within it.

Breathing techniques and meditation quieten the mind.

Optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system requires that muscles be in balance in regard to strength and length. When muscles are out of balance, they are either too short and tight or too long and tight. Yoga can help to bring the body back into balance. Through a regular practice you gradually increase the body’s flexibility and build up strength.

When you do Yoga, body and mind are functioning as a team. The Yoga postures are practiced in accordance with the breath, and you become mentally clear and emotionally relaxed while focusing on the moment and being at peace with the body.

And you will feel more at ease, as the new awareness in your joints makes you move with confidence and grace in through daily life.


Kripalu Yoga was inspired by Swami Kripalu. It is nowadays being taught in the Kripalu School of Yoga in USA. it is a form of Yoga that combines the meditative quality and the physical experience in a gentle practice that allows each participant to develop their individual body-mind connection and build strength and elasticity.