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works as a holistic healer and therapist, helping you to experience the balance of body, mind & spirit. She is certified in the Trager Approach, Foot Reflexology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Dorn Spinal Alignment Method and Medi-Taping, and she is a Reiki Master and licensed Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She offers courses on Awareness Techniques, Reflexology and Massage.

+20122- 316 59 88

is a licensed hypnotherapist with a degree in Psychology and Counseling, and she is a licensed Kripalu Yoga Teacher. This combination allows her to address a wide array of psycho-emotional issues and support clients in their progress, also offering them the benefits of learning a Yoga practice.

+20101 – 58 00 702

is a Hypnotherapist (Marisa Peer method) and Energy Healer who uses Pranic Healing, Reiki, NLP, Neurosemantics and Matrix 2Point to balance the energy system, remove blockades and help you understand yourself better. She also supports your way to success with Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Youth Coaching.

+20122 – 32 66 136

is certified in Homeopathy and is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Life Counsellor. She uses emotional freedom techniques and cognitive restructuring methods to help her clients re-establish a joyful outlook on life. She also offers courses based on holistic healing principles such as “quit smoking”, “breathe better” or “sleep deeper”.

+20101 – 610 59 69

is an experienced licensed physiotherapist who has expanded her scope of proficiency with specialised trainings: She offers Physiotherapy, Massage, the Dorn Spinal Alignment Method, Manual Therapies, Rehabilitation and Lymph Drainage.

+20122 – 318 48 91

is a certified Facial Harmony Balancing Therapist and Life Coach. Facial Harmony Balancing releases tension through the Meridian System and Life Coaching provides support to prioritise targets and goals and helps to make positive changes to one’s life.

+20100 – 44 93 119

is a licensed masseur who specialises in releasing tensed muscles so that they will regain elasticity and mobility. A thorough massage by his strong yet respectful hands will bring you relief from aches and pains and refresh you with deep relaxation.

+20100 – 9537 999

is a Tai Chi Master with a profound experience in Healing Massage, Personal Training and the Dorn Spinal Alignment Method. He will choose for you carefully the right therapies so that you may become pain free and relaxed.