Trager® is a soft approach to a better body awareness.

With its gentle, non-invasive touch and individualized technique.

Mentastics®, movements for self care, complete the session and empower you to consciously embrace your own well-being.

The Trager Approach helps release tension or pain, helps you to achieve better physical mobility, and allows you to feel deep relaxation.

Trager® is a new approach to body awareness. This gentle, yet effective way of releasing patterns of tension in the mind and body has a deep and lasting effect, often life changing as an experience.

A Trager® session consists of table work with soft touch and gentle, non-invasive, free-flowing movements to the natural rhythm of your body and ‘Mentastics’, simple, effortless self-care movements which recall the freedom, flexibility and pleasure of the table work.
You may choose to be partially or fully clothed while enjoying the sensation of becoming thoroughly relaxed as the tension disappears and new movement patterns become effortlessly available.

The Trager® Approach can enhance your daily activities, sporting performance and well being and it can also be a valuable part of any rehabilitation program following trauma, surgery or injury, since this system helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns. It facilitates deep relaxation and re-educates your body-mind to a better balance and increased physical mobility.

Dr. Milton Trager discovered very early that an awareness for weight and lightness, gentle movements and waves has a deeply moving effect on the body and soul and he dedicated his whole life to developing the principles that make up the Trager® Approach, which was since being taught and supervised by Trager® International ( ) and the National

Trager® Associations and successfully practiced by certified Trager® Practitioners worldwide.
The History of the Trager® logo represents the wonderful effects of a Trager session: a famous Zen master, after a treatment by Dr. Milton Trager, exclaimed “I feel like a dancing cloud!” and drew up the picture, which later became the Dancing Cloud® logo.

The benefits of a Trager® session are cumulative: with each treatment, as you feel the waves of well being resound through your body, ease and flexibility return and your potential for vitality grows!