Family Constellation

The work of Family Constellations is a practical approach to resolving trauma.
Trauma can be the reason for soul problems such as depression, a sense of isolation, aggression or recurring conflict patterns.
The system of Family Constellations creates awareness for these deep-rooted reasons of soul problems and aims to develop steps to resolve them.

The soul connection between family members presents a system of interdependent relations that reaches over generations. A Family Constellations session makes these connections transparent through a systematic approach in a group setting, where different members of the group function as representatives of family members.

The Family Constellations Leader monitors the development of the process and facilitates, interprets and helps whenever necessary.

Through the Family Constellations approach, the roots of trauma and soul pain are made visible and therefore can be healed.

The process does not replace psychiatric treatment or psychotherapy, but it is powerfully efficient at giving you insight and initiative to tackle soul problems based on deep rooted unconscious emotional patterns inherent in the family history.